[128/512K Coco 3 Disk]



128/512K Color Computer III Disk Editor/Assembler


  EDT/ASM III is a Disk based co-resident Text Editor & Assembler. It is designed to take advantage of the new features available in the CoCo-3 with either 128K or 512K memory. It has 8 display formats from 32/40/64/80 columns by 24 lines in 192 or 225 Resolution, so you can use the best display mode whether you are using an RGB or Composite monitor or even a TV for your display. Plus you can select any foreground or background colors or even monochrome display modes. It will even support 512K by adding an automatic 2 drive Ultra Fast Ramdisk for ligntning fast assembly of program source code larger than memory. There is also a free standing Machine Language Debug Monitor, to help you debug your assembled programs.

Text Editor

  EDT/ASM III has the most powerful, easy to use Text Editor available in any Editor/Assembler package for the Color Computer. It can load and save tape or disk files in a format compatible with Basic so you can easily write and edit Basic programs or almost anything. It has a powerful set of line editing commands that are much better and easier than the R.S. Basic or Edt/Asm edit functions. Line and Automatic edit modes have easy, logical commands to Add, Type over. Insert character/word, Delete character/word. Skip to begin/end of line. Skip up/down line, all with easy single keystroke commands using arrow keys. All line editing immediately updates the screen so you know exactly what your doing at all times.   The Editor also has commands to move or copy single lines or blocks of text from one place to another with lighting fast response. It even has automatic Kne number generation for easy entry of program material. Some of the other Editor commands include: Tape and Disk Load, Save and Append, Roll, Get, Directory, Kill, Assemble, Resequence, Search, Replace, Move, Copy, Line feed on/off. List, Screen Width (32,40,64,80), Screen Color, Screen Format, Automatic Key repeat and printer baud rate.

The Assembler

  The Assembler portion of EDT/ASM III is the part that creates the Machine Language program. It processes the source file(s) created or edited by the text editor and creates a LOADM or CLOADM binary file on either Disk or Tape. It has several directives that enable it to control listing formats, conditional assembly, addressing modes and include library files from disk. The assembler supports the full compliment of the M6809 instruction with all addressing modes and will cross assemble 6800 source code to produce M6809 compatible object code. It supports the forcing of direct or extended addressing by the use of the'>' & '<'symbols. The output listing is flagged with a'>'in left margin when an extended branch or jump is not necessary. The Library and Conditional assembly directives allow you the flexibility needed to assemble several versions of the same program with a minimum of effort. By using library files you can assemble an unlimited size file, using several different disk drives. Library file directives can even be nested up to nine levels, so one library file can LIB another file and so on.

Edt/Asm III  requires a 128K CoCo III and 1 Disk drive.

Includes Manual and Disk

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