Window Writer
[128/512K Coco 3 Disk - W]

Window Writer
Window Writer
for the 512K Color Computer III

"A Powerful & Easy to Use Word Processing System"
* A User Friendly Point and Click Interface.
* Pull Down Menus, Pop up Windows, Buttons and More.
* 9 Hi-Res Displays from 58 to 212 columns by 24 lines in 225 Res.
* Screen Display of Bold, Italic, Underline & Double Width print
* 9 Proportional Character Sets Supported with full Justification.
* 80 Programmable Function Keys & Loadable Function key sets.
* Three Programmable Headers and One Programmable Footer.
* Automatic Footnote System places lines at the bottom of a page.
* 7 Tab Commands, with: Center, Left, Right and Decimal align.
* Autoexecute Startup files for easy printer & system setup.
* 8 Pre-Defined & 10 Programmable printer function commands.
* Supports Library files for unlimited printing & configurations.
* Disk file record access for Mail Merge & Boiler Plate printing.
* Complete Automatic Justification, Centering, Flush left & right.
* Change indents, margins, line length, etc. anytime in the text.
* Create and Edit files larger than memory, up to a full disk.
* Easily imbed any number of printer format and control codes.
* Compatible with all printers including Laser printers.
* Built in Ultra Fast RAMDISK.
" Window Writer is a powerful word processor that is fun to
use, very user fiendty.....The Enviomment compares favorably
to that of Microsoft Windows"......... RAINBOW Dec. 1989

If, you want a powerful word processor with extensive document formatting features to handle large documents, term papers, manuals, complex formatting problems and letter writing, then Window Writer is the answer. It works in a totally different way than most word processing programs. It uses simple 2 character abbreviations of words or phrases for commands and formatting information that you imbed directly in your text. There are over 70 different formatting commands you can use without ever leaving the text your working on. There are no time comsuming and frustrating menu chases, you are in total control at all times. You can display the formatted document on the screen before a single word is ever printed on your printer. Including margins, headers, footers. page numbers, page breaks, column formatting, justification, and Bold, Italic, Underline, Double Width, Superscript and Subscript characters. Window Writer can even support LASER PRINTERS with proportional fonts. take a good look at this AD? It was done with Window Writer on an OKIDATA LASERLINE-6 laser printer!!! All of the character sets used on this AD are proportional, all centering, justification, font selection, and text printing was performed automatically by Window Writer.

What you see is what you get!

Window Writer has 9 Hi-Resolution screen fonts to choose from, with 58 to 212 characters per line in 225 Resolution, for the best display possible. You can easily match the width of your printed page to the screen and you can have it automatically change display widths as you change printer fonts so you can even display the "fine print". All of the screen fonts can display. Bold, Italic, Underline. Superscript, Subscript and Double Width characters. When you you want to see what your printed document will look like. Window Writer will let you see it on the screen in all its glory, so that, "What you see is what you get".

Standard Commands

Window Writer has all the document formatting commands you expect in a word processor and then some. The setup commands include: line length, top margin, bottom margin, page length, page numbering on/off, page format on/off, automatic word fill on/off and justification left, center, right or full. Some of the Vertical control features include: Test for a number of lines left on a page, skip to next page, set page number, page pause, single and multiple line spacing. Window Writer features 3 programmable Header lines that can be centered. left or right justified and one programmable Footer line. There are 3 commands for continious, single and paragraph indenting. Center Text, Center Line and Right Justify text with character fill.

Printer & Special Commands

Window Writer has 8 pre-defined printer & screen commands for Bold, Italic. Double Width, Underline, Subscript, Superscript, Condensed and Double Strike print. It also has 10 programmable functions that you can use to access intelligent printer features like: Graphics, variable line spacing, half line feed, horizontal & vertical positioning. There are also 3 other printer commands that allow you to imbed control code sequences anywhere in the text. There is a Footnote command that will automatically place footnotes at the bottom of the page. Another command allows you to display a message on the screen and input text from the keyboard, to be included in your printed document. There is also a repeat command that allows you to repeat an entire document or part of one, up to 255 times.

Tab Functions

Window Writer features an elaborate system of tab commands for complete control over column formatting. There are 10 programmable tab stops that can be defined and re-defined at any time. They can be used to: Center over Tab column. Right Justify to Tab column. Decimal Align over Tab column. Left Justify to Tab column (Normal Tab) and Horizontal Tab. They can also be used with a numeric column position for maximum flexibility.
Proportional Fonts & Printing

Window Writer is the only Color Computer III Word Processing system that gives you Justified Proportion Printing, which can give your documents and letters that professional touch that just isn't obtainable with fixed or mono spaced printing. And just about all printers today support proportional fonts, and with Laser Printers you can get typesetting quality output for just pennies a page. Window Writer supports up to 9 proportional fonts, with full justification. And, you can even mix mono spaced and proportional fonts for maximum flexability. Even if you don't use proportional printing, you can select between Pica, Elite and Condensed fixed width fonts to get fully justified printing.

Mail Merge and Text Processing Disk Functions

Window Writer supports several commands that allow you to import data or text from other disk files. They allow you to include information like names and addresses for Mail Merge capability. Import standard paragraphs or other information for Boiler Plate type functions and more. Some of the commands include: Open a file. Field a Record, Read a Record into fielded variables. Read single or multiple lines and Trim spaces from the trailing end of fielded variables. Another powerful disk function not to be overlooked is the "LIBRARY" command that allows you to include the entire contents of a file in your text. This can be very useful for a great many applications. You can use a Library command to automatically include a standard or optional printer setup command file, or to include standard paragraphs, headers or information created from a spread sheet or any other program. And, for printing very large documents that consist of several files linked together.

Autoexec Startup Files

Window Writer will automatically load and execute a command text file when it first executes. This allows you to customize the program configuration for your system and printer whenever you startup Window Writer. You can setup the screen display format, colors, adjust automatic key repeat, printer baud rate, load a set of function keys, load your printers control codes and more.

80 Programmable Function Keys

Window Writer allows you to have up to 80 function keys with just about any kind of information or command sequences you can imagine. Once programmed, you can have a command sequence execute using a single function key. You can also Save and Load function key sets at any time. So, you can have several sets for different writing tasks or projects, the possibilities are endless. Just think, with a single function key you could, load a disk file, search for and replace all the occurances of a phrase, save the file back to disk, have it processed and printed!

Full Screen Point & Click Editing

Window Writer has a powerful, full featured, full screen editor that allows both keyboard editing and Point and Click Editing with a mouse. It supports point & click text selection for Copy, Move, Delete and Save. Split Screen Editing. Search and Replace, word and character insert/delete and much more. It features adjustable automatic key repeat, selectable display foreground and background colors, adjustable Screen Displays and more. Window Writer uses fully compatible ASCII formatted files. You can even direct formatted output files to a standard ASCII disk file. It will Load, Save, Append. Kill, Text Process files from disk. Roll part of a file to disk. Get next portion of a file, display a Directory and Backup Ramdisk to & from Floppy disks. Window Writer's files are also compatible with spelling checker programs like Spell 'n Fix from Star Kits, a shareware program, available with Window Writer for your evaluation, just for the asking.

Fully Buffered Keyboard

While many word processing programs are slow and often lose keystrokes. Window Writer has a fully buffered keyboard that is virtually impossible to out type. Even when it's busy, it will still remember the keystrokes entered. You can enter in commands or whatever, even during insert mode you'll never lose a key.

Professional Word Processing Power

Window Writer is a powerful tool for both the Casual and Professional Word Processing user. It offers a wide range of features and functions that can satisfy even the most demanding writer. Even though you may not need all of Window Writer's power and flexability right now, its not a program that you can easily outgrow. As your needs and skills improve, you'll discover that you won't need to go out and buy another word processing program. Window Writer will already be ready and waiting. No Text Processing program available for the Color Computer III gives you easier Text Editing or more Text Processing Power than Window Writer. It can make your writing appear more professional than you ever thought possible. Check around, you'll see that it's the only real choice for the Color Computer III.

Requires Window Master 512K & Disk

Requires a 128K (512K recommended)  CoCo III and 1 Disk drive,
a Hi-Res Joystick Interface and a Mouse or Joystick.

Includes Manual and Disk

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