Cbasic III
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Cbasic III

Radio Shack
Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer III


for the 128/512K Color Computer III

The ULTIMATE Color Computer III Basic Compiler!!!
If you want to write fast efficient achine Language Programs and you don't want to spend the next few years trying to learn how to write them in Assembly Language or with a cheap complier, then CBASIC III is the answer!!!

CBASIC III is the only fully integrated Basic Compiler and Program Editing System available for the Color Computer 3.  It will allow you to take full advantage of all the capabilities available in your CoCo-3 including 512K RAM, without having to spend years trying to learn assembly language programming.  CBASIC III allows you to create, edit and convert programs from a language you are already familiar with Enhanced Disk Color Basic, into fast efficient machine language programs easily and quickly.  CBASIC III supports all the enhanced hardware available in the CoCo-3 including Hi-Res Graphics & Screen displays, Extended Memory and Interrupts (Keyboard, Timer, Serial & Clock).  It is 99% syntax compatible with Ehhanced Disk Color Basic, so most Basic programs can be loaded and compiled with little or no changes required.
The Compiler is an optomizing two-pass integer compiler that converts programs written in Basic into 100% pure 6809 Machine Language programs which are written directly to disk in a LOADM compatible format.  The programs generated by the compiler are run as complete stand alone programs.  A built-in linker/editor will automatically one and only one copy of each run-time library subroutine that is required and insert them directly in the program.  This eliminates the need for cumbersome, often wasteful "run-time" packages.
CBASIC III's Features

Over 150 Basic Commands and Functions
Fully supports Disk Sequential and Direct access files, tape, Printer and Screen I/O
Supports all the High and Low Resolution Graphics, Sound, Play and Strings Operations,
including H/Get, H/Put, H/Play and H/Draw all with 99.9% syntax compatability.
Supports the built in Serial I/O port with separate baud rates.
Hi-Resolution Displays of 32/40/64/80 Columns in 192 or 225 Res.
Integrated Enhanced Basic Program Editing Features
128K and 512K RAM Support and Extended memory commands

CBASIC III is for both Beginning and Advanced Users

You can write programs without having to worry about Stack Poiinters, DP registers, memory allocation and so on, because CBASIC III will handle it for you automatically.  All you have to do is write programs using the standard Basic statements and syntax.  For the Advanced Basic and Machine Language Programmers, CBASIC III will let you take command and control every aspect of your program, even generating machine code directly in a program for specialized routines.
CBASIC III adds may features not found in Color Basic, like Interrupt and Reset handline, to give you a level of control only available to very advanced ML programmers.  Plus, we made it exceptionally easy to use, not like some other compilers.


Requires a 128K (512K recommended)  CoCo III and 1 Disk drive,
Includes Manual and Disk

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